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Belts and Rehab Support


Back Supports


Lumbar Corset Belt

- Provides enhanced support and perfect immobilization to lumbar, sacral and pelvic region. Offers improved comfort & immobilization.

Lumbar Sacro Belt

- Improves posture & checks abdominal sag side traps for effective bracing of the back. It is found to be very effective in Degenerative Disc Disaease. It is recommended in Lumbosacral Spondylolysis, Osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spines, Post Discketomy Care, Lumbosacral or Sacro lliac mechanical due to poor posture & effective for lower back ache patient.


Contoured L S Belt

- Corrects postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. Extra belt gives better compression to the back region.

Contoured L S Support

- Ensures better immobilization. Corrects postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. Boarder elastic gives near rigid immobilzation.


ECO Frame Belt

- Light weight metal frame with flexibility to adjust the contours of the back region. Restricts the side movements of the back due to all round back support of the metal frame.


Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace

- Shoulder straps provides proper fitting and support immobilization. Ideal for weakened dorsolumbar spine due to TB & suitable for post operative rehabilitation of back ache patient.


Premium L S Support

- Provides comfortable back support with flexible flat plastic splint in the middle region, four side splints provided for extra stability.