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Belts and Rehab Support


Heat Belts


Premium Orthopaedic Heat Belt

- Digital Controlled Heating System (DCHS).
- Automatic programmable temp. settings.
- Automatic time control.
- Accurate electronic temp. regulation.
- Digital LCD Display of Set temp. & Live temp.
- Auto switch off.
- One year Replacement Guarantee.


Flamingo - Orthopaedic Heat Belts

- It is provided with four ways stretch advantage, light weight, over lock design. Recommended in edema, sports injuries, mild to moderate sprains & strains. Helps to reduce swelling in edema and provides comfort.


Florican - Flexible Orthopaedic Heating Belt

- Offers relief from muscular pains and aches due to sprains, arthritis,back disorders, abscesses, boils and for women related pains.
- Gives freedom from boiling water, reheating and leakages.
- Heating coil provided inside maintains temperature at a level.
- Convenient
- Two Heat Levels
- Steady Temperature
- 100% Safe