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O.T. Tables


AMAX 9000


  • A universal electrohydraulic surgical table fully meets the IEC 60601-2-46, and gets the ETL certification.
  • Advanced 4-sections design: the hydraulic system drives all tabletop sections except for the head section. There are 14" x 17" X-ray cassette tunnels under the back and leg sections, and makes the translucent area up to 85% of tabletop.
  • Complete flexion design: the included angle of flex position is up to 220 ° and is a typical European-style design. Furthermore, the powered kidney elevator between the back and pelvis section perfectly meets those surgeons used to the American-styled surgical table.
  • Agile and stable: 4 large-sized conductive swivel casters provide the excellent mobility. With the powered hydraulic floor-LOCK system, the table is very stable when floor-LOCK is locked.
  • Plentiful power: the built-in battery is for 1 week of operation (approx. 50~80 procedures) when fully charged, and perfectly meets the trend of cordless floor in the modern surgical room.
  • Ergonomics: the T-Shaped table base provides more legroom for surgical team access. The powered leg section is capable of rotating down to 105° to increase more accessibility for the surgeon to the perineal area.
  • Pressure management pads: the conductive, fire retardant, and germproof pads prevent the pressure sore from lengthy procedures.
  • PA900 Orthopedic Extension: the particular trolley design facilitates the preparation work of the orthopedic procedure

S.M.A.R.T. P2000


  • Off-set column design provides more than 85% C-arm access area or radio translucent area without any table movement.
  • With its total radio translucent tabletop, P2000 is easy to achieve the entire anatomy of the patient.
  • With its total 5-section (6 pieces) tabletop, P2000 provides a wide range of positions for all operations.
  • The lightweight remote controller with touch-sensitive key pads and retractable power cord is easy to follow and operate.
  • Conductive, pliable , thick, and antibiotic table mattress offers patients more safety and comfort, and is easy to maintain.
  • Leg section safety device: the leg section raise/ down adjustments have been improved considerably by using a clutch with a safety locking system.
  • 30 seconds auto standby system prevents surgical team from inadvertent operation.
  • Auxiliary control gives you the ability to articulate the table in case of emergency when hand or foot controller is broken.
  • Foot Control (PA28.01) provides four functions for the table movements.